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Ready to invest in the Gateway to Manitou Springs area and get started on a development project? The City of Manitou Springs Planning Department and Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority are committed to working closely with you to help you develop your plans. We have everything you need to know about the process, from submitting a proposal to fees and forms.


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Manitou Springs offers mountain town living just minutes from Colorado Springs. From beautiful art galleries to heart pounding hiking, Manitou Springs is the perfect place to live, work and play. Literally meaning “Great Spirit”, our thriving city offers scenic mountain views, unique year-round activities, and a welcoming spirit that draws thousands of tourists every year.

While many flock to our small city to visit, the 5,175 (2014 census date) residents know what a special place Manitou Springs is to live. There is a strong sense of community in our eclectic city, with locals taking advantage of the many historic, arts, cultural, and natural resources available in the area while loyally supporting Manitou Springs businesses.  The Gateway to Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Area offers the opportunity for a unique destination retail market for the Pikes Peak region.

The Gateway to Manitou Springs is in need of revitalization and that’s where you come in. This important gateway to our city needs investors with ideas and a desire to make this area a distinctive place for the local community to live, work and play. We’re interested in a mix of land uses as well as creatively designed mixed-use buildings that will serve both residents and tourists and serve to diversify the City’s economy. Are you interested in this unique opportunity?

There’s something for everyone in Manitou Springs! Arts, nature, history, and health are very important to our community, and so is finding a way to integrate progressive and trendy cultural experiences. The city wants to cater to the thousands of tourists who visit every year by offering shopping, dining, and accommodations, while also staying true to the values of those who live here. Manitou Springs has a special vibe that locals enthusiastically embrace and celebrate.

Manitou Springs offers a unique opportunity to invest not only in property and land, but also in a community that welcomes fresh ideas. Our community has outlined a shared vision for the Gateway to Manitou urban renewal area through a comprehensive planning process called Plan Manitou. Plan Manitou includes specific guidance for land uses, density, and design for development in the MSURA; this is expressed in a new “Gateway Mixed-Use” land use designation for the area in the City’s “Future Land Use Plan.”

Residents are loyal to Manitou Springs businesses and have identified a desire to conduct more of their daily business within the city limits instead of travelling to Colorado Springs. Local entrepreneurs and businesses are highly encouraged to expand or develop new business models in the Gateway to Manitou area. The city is looking for new ways to adapt and redevelop existing properties and develop the available infill land. This means mixed-use, unique, non-traditional, and boutique options are in high demand. As a community, we’re also interested in supporting environmentally friendly building development, which is further detailed in Plan Manitou’s “Land Use & Built Environment” policies.

Our shared community vision presents a significant opportunity for investment in the Gateway to Manitou urban renewal area.