MSURA Benefits

“The mission of the Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority is to encourage private investment and reinvestment in targeted areas while strengthening the tax base of the whole city. The Authority promotes partnerships and collaboration with other groups in an effort to advance the City’s goals of sound urban planning, fiscal prudence, and cultural sensitivity. Through multiple project initiatives, our objective is to facilitate development of balanced, sustainable environments where people live, work and come together as a community.”

The MSURA Board consists of engaged community stakeholders who collaborate with developers to assist with plans for this designated community Urban Renewal Area. To learn more about the board, meetings, and financial information, visit the MSURA Board page.

Investing in the Gateway to Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Area means your project has the potential to receive MSURA financial support such as: tax credit assistance, natural hazards mitigation assistance, and incentives and grants. We’ll collaborate with you to provide flexibility whenever possible

Together with other government partners the MSURA is supporting the Westside Avenue Action Plan  We’re also investing in infrastructure improvements in the Gateway to Manitou Urban Renewal Area for a more unified, attractive corridor.

A summary of the Plan Manitou Guidelines for the City’s Urban Renewal Area is available to assist you in your planning efforts.

“Manitou Springs leadership is committed to providing businesses with the resources they need to establish or grow their businesses in our community.”

– Farley McDonough, Owner Adams Mountain Café